Leleuvia Island Resort, Fiji Islands

AAPi was commissioned to design a backpacker’s lodge fit for high density living. While incorporating the down-to-basics lifestyle of backpacking, the design still tried to achieved a boutique feel in the spaces. This was achieved by careful attention to the detailing which was primarily modernized translations of vernacular details.

The design was open plan, with no doors. Undulating walls moderated the privacy in different spaces while allowing for sight lines to the views where appropriate. Back of house planning had to be very efficient to cut operational costs and flexible planning meant that the resort could run economically from a operations standpoint. This flexibility was achieved in villa units that could either house an entire family/ group or be rented out separately as different rooms. This called for clever planning and subtle modulation of privacy within the villas. The facility needed the basic elements of living to be presented and experienced in a luxurious way.

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